Standard      $130.00  per hour
Emergency   $195.00  per hour

Rate Multipliers:

Monday through Friday      7:30am  to    4:00pm                     Rate x 1.0
Monday through Friday      4:00pm  to  12:00pm                     Rate x 1.5
Monday through Friday    12:00am  to    7:30am                     Rate x 2.0
Saturday                          7:30am  to    4:00pm                     Rate x 1.5
Saturday                          4:00pm  to    7:30am (Sunday)       Rate x 2.0
Sunday                            7:30am  to    7:30am (Monday)       Rate x 2.0
Holiday                            7:30am  to    7:30am (next day)      Rate x 2.0

Additional Charges:

Mileage                                                                                .50 permile

Tolls  (local)                                                                         Cost
Travel Expenses  (lodging, meals, fuel, car rentals, tolls, etc.)    Cost plus 10%
Shipping and Freight                                                              Cost plus 10%


1. All sales are per “Complete Hydraulic Works, Inc., Standard Terms of Sale”.
2. Time is charged from portal to portal.
3. All services require a credit card security deposit unless an account has beed established and in good standing.
4. A written Purchase Order is required for all service to be billed on account.                        
5. Minimum billing is $150.00.
6. Emergency service rate applies for service that is requested within 12 hours of initial call.
7. Cancellation Fees of $500.00 per scheduled technician will be applied for service cancelled whithin 12 hours of scheduled start time.

8. Emergency Call-out Service has a minimum charge og 8 hours per technician.